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The Audition Channel Raw Emotion Into “Great Danger”

The Audition’s “Great Danger” is in stores tomorrow.

Raw. That is the word I would use to describe to The Auditions latest release “Great Danger” which comes out tomorrow. The album as a whole has a wholesome quality, giving the rare appearance of self production and raw rock and roll. From the very first grainy chords of a guitar on “Let Me Know” the album rolls through some of the better alternative rock songs of the year to date.

The greatest attribute The Audition brings to the table is lead singer Danny Stevens voice which is prevalent in almost every song of the album. With only eleven songs on this album, it takes a strong performance by all members of a band to make a lasting impression in such a small space.

Being the bands fourth album and following up their 2009 self titled release, The Audition are under immense pressure to follow up a highly successful string of releases that have seen them grow on the alternative rock charts.

As is often the case with alternative bands in this genre, this album is top heavy to say the least. The second track is a perfect alt-rock track and showcases Stevens incredible voice. Starting with track one, the band rattles off a number of solid songs, all capable of growing as singles in the pop world. “Ms. Crumby” is an example of a song that could help to break The Audition and make them a household name.

This band reminds me of The Cab and Cobra Starship last year. Both bands had followings but hit it big with a large scale radio song. There is a lot of doubt in my mind surrounding weather this album can do the same for The Audition, but the quality of songs on this eleven song album gives me hope.

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