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Harris’ Song of the Week: “One Day” by Matisyahu (feat. Akon)

The ultimate in feel good music. Matisyahu teamed up with Akon a few months ago to create a perfect jam of slow, melodic song. More than anything else, this song reminds me of a b-side from any of Wyclef Jean’s albums. His singles aside, Jean often puts out songs in this style and this fits the mold perfectly. The addition of Akon to this song ads to it’s value.

Respected as one of the best compilation hip hop artists out there, Akon has shown time after time that he can make songs that are good, great. This is an interesting pairing that seemed to come off perfectly at the end. If your in the mood to be cheered up, this is a great anthem that has finally begun to get some serious radio airplay. Look for this to be one of the big hits of the spring.

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