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Putting Lady Gaga Into Perspective

A few nights ago I posted a question on Twitter. It was simple and surrounded what Lady Gaga’s next single would be. Her lastest album “The Fame Monster” has already scored a top hit with “Bad Romance” and is poised to capture another huge hit with “Telephone” which features Beyonce. With a few more singles lined up on “The Fame Monster” it is amazing how long Lady Gaga has dominated the pop world for. The last time she did not have a single out was in March of 2008!!

You read right. April 6th, 2010 will be the two year anniversary of Gaga’s first singleĀ releaseĀ ”Just Dance” on the same date in 2008. This is an incredible task. Below is a breakdown of the time each of Gaga’s singles has charted in the United States. It is an amazing task and begs to wonder when the streak will come to an end.

The estimated months each of Lady Gaga’s singles remained hot on US charts

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