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Harris’ Song of the Week: “Dominos” by The Big Pink

Driving around in my car a few weeks ago, I heard this song come on the radio. After a brief conversation about the song, I forgot about it until weeks later when I finally downloaded it. In the days that followed, I decided that that song could be a huge break out hit in 2010. Similar to 2009′s indie sensations Phoenix and their song “1901,” this song has breakout potential and could put the band on the map.

What makes this song great is it’s irresistible chorus interlaced with a smooth verse. The verses job is just to carry the torch into the next chorus, providing the build up necessary to make a song like this great. The electronic sounds coming from every instrument in this song also give it that edge that have made songs like Phoenix’s “1901,” Passion Pits “Sleepyhead” and “In This City” by Iglu & Hartly great songs.

Over the past year, we have predicted some of the largest songs of the coming months. This is a can’t miss hit. The song is one commercial away from becoming a runaway hit and I would contend this one could do it all by itself, no commercials needed.

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