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‘American Idol’ Premieres Tonight!!

I’m not living in a bubble. I am aware that Fox’s hit reality show “American Idol” premiered a few weeks ago. They spent a few weeks picking out the best (and more often worst) singers from around the country who would move on to compete in Hollywood. The first few weeks of Idol really don’t matter and have become less and less entertaining. Of course there are shining moments such as “Pants on the Ground” but overall it has become less interesting.

With theĀ premiereĀ of the important portion of “American Idol” it dawned on my how important this show has become. There is a reason to watch. You have the opportunity to watch the launch of the next huge pop stars in America. Past seasons of Idol have produced stars Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, and Jordin Sparks. A number of other, lesser known stars have also had their careers helped by this competition.

I’m very curious to see what Ellen Degeneres brings to the show. With a really solid cast already in place, there is an opportunity for the show to go either way. One this is certain, tonight you will see a number of singers, one of which will become the next pop sensation in America.

Just for fun, here are last years top two during their auditions:

Adam Lambert

Kris Allen

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