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The Songs in my Head: "Rain" by Creed

Spurred on by the torrential rain storm taking place right outside my window, I wanted to give some credit to Creed who have managed to release another chart topping single, nine years after their last big hit. In 2001, the Florida based group released the album “Weathered” which contained the single “My Sacrifice.” Although the song did not perform really well on mainstream pop charts, it did become the #1 song on the Mainstream Rock charts on December 15th, 2001.

It is now 2010 and Creed is back with a song that brings you right back to the early part of the decade. The band has a keen ability to hold you back, building up the entire song into the very first chorus. When that first chorus hits you feel it from both a musical and emotional standpoint. This is a characteristic present in many of Creeds songs and it is the recipe they have conjured for great singles.

The song has performed well on rock charts around the country and is just breaking through onto some pop charts as this article is published. Either way, “Rain” by Creed is a fantastic, old school song by a band that has given us three great singles before this one (“My Sacrifice,” “With Arms Wide Open,” and “Higher“). Check out the video for “Rain” below the fold.

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