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Harris’ Song of the Week: “Breakeven” by The Script

A man can admit when he is wrong. Although I hate to do so, I have had my share of bad calls over the past year. When I first heard The Scripts breakout single “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” a few months back I downloaded the rest of the album and quickly deemed the rest of the album a throw away. After going back and giving it a second listen I was wrong.

This weeks song of the week is the second single from the album which is self titled. “Breakeven” is a great song that showcases everything the band has to offer. From the top class production to the shining vocals by Danny O’Donoghue. My only expereince with the Irish band was when they opened for Sir Paul McCartney at Citi Field in New York City. Given the usual treatment by the sound crew, it was very hard to decipher anything the band said or sang. I do remember hearing this song and liking it.

As I sift through the rest of the album I’ll let you know if I come across any other hidden gems. For now, sink your teeth into “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” and “Breakeven.”

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