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Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root Discusses the Bands 20 Years Together

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Last spring, Rusted Root released their sixth studio album and toured the country in support of it. Michael Glabicki, lead singer of Rusted Root took a few minutes out of his day to sit down with Harris from The Truth About Music and discuss the bands future and past.

Harris: Can you discuss in brief how Rusted Root first came together and what the early years were like for you?

Michael: The early years were a spiritual time. We all got together pretty quick after I started auditioning musicians. Something opened up and we were on a water slide down into it. Everything came to us pretty easily. Our work ethic was easy to keep up at a really intense level. The crowds of people came easily it seemed.

Harris: Your newest album “Stereo Rodeo” is really fantastic, I was hoping you could give ms some insight on your favorite tracks and why. How did the songs come together?

Michael: I wrote most of the songs over a few years and they were played solo for a while before bringing them to the band. Driving 1and 2 were written at a band sound check and is about the excitement and frustrations of touring. The song happened very spontaneous. Everyone got writing credit on that one. I was really proud of the song Stereo Rodeo. The delicate vibe was something new for us and the song is well crafted. Its about the dating scene and the absurdity of it all. I liken it in the song to a Rodeo Star going to Japan to find a mail order bride. I’m also proud of our cover of Elvis’ “Suspicious Minds”. Its a great cover. I’m am so proud of every song.

Harris: As a band, or personally, who are your greatest musical influences?

Michael: Santana, Cat Stevens, U2, Peter Gabriel, Black Sabath, Neil Young and Radiohead.

Harris: Rusted Root has been around for almost 20 years, anything outrageous planned for the anniversary?

Michael: Live recordings, dvds, free stuff, huge concerts, and the list goes on. Its gonna be a huge party!

Harris: With all the stress on social networking as a band, has Rusted Root bought into the ideas of Twitter?

Michael: We do the twitter thing but can’t say I bought into it yet.

Harris: Where do you see Rusted Root going from here?

Michael: I can see it getting a lot better for us over the next 20 years. Right now I am pretty excited to put out some more albums cause I feel the band is finally where it should be creatively.

Harris: What is the most embarrassing song or album on your iPod?

Michael: (Laughs) Don’t own an iPod.

Harris: What are the most notable bands you have shared the stage with? Any favorite shows or tours?

Michael: Definitely Santana and Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Learned a lot from those guys.

Harris: What advice do you have for a band where you were 20 years go?

Michael: Its all about the live show and touring. Everything else supports that. It should be easier now with GPS.

Harris: (Laughs) I can imagine that, thanks for taking the time to talk with The Truth About Music!

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