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“Jersey Shore” Impacting Real Life Guidos

The cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore"

The cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore"

A few weeks ago when “Jersey Shore” premiered on MTV many people tuned in to watch. This meant solid ratings and a lot of publicity for a network that has seen many trashy and cancelled television shows since their move towards non-music programing. “Jersey Shore” is no different. It is trash television that is simply there to be laughed at. Lucky for the network, it has really worked.

A sub culture of Italians, guidos are a breed who care about hair-gel, muscle enhancing creams and of course, Jagermeister. Known for techno, Cadillacs and fist pumping, “Jersey Shore” shows a group of guidos and guidettes in action, bringing a new low to the state of New Jersey. The interesting thing about this show is what it has done to this sub-culture and the way they operate.

Although the show has a lot of viewers each week, they are laughing at the people on screen as opposed to relating to them. This is great news for MTV but really bad news for the people who embrace this lifestyle. It has already begun to get around that being a guido is a joke. People are fist pumping just to mock them and whatever respect they once had for this perculiar breed has now vanished.

Being a guido is no longer cool. The best example I have found of this comes from one of my closest friends roomate. Visiting New York from Maryland for New Years she insisted that we go to a “guido bar” so that she could see a guido in person. This made me laugh so hard. Being from New York I’m surrounded by them on a daily basis. Being from the south, she had only seen them on this show and proceeded to track one down and laugh, even wanting to take a picture with one.

They are basically a tourist attraction now in New York. We can only hope that “Jersey Shore” will be watched by the cast and even they can see how ridiculous they act and look. For now let’s use this simple guideline. If you really are a guido, stop going to bars and playing into the stereotype and head to MTV studios for next seasons casting call.

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