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Harris’ Song of the Week: Paranoid by Kanye West

Hope you all are out having a fantastic New Year’s Eve. Here’s a little music to help you kick-start your party.

This week, while sitting in front of some ski slopes in Colorado, I was in a weird music mood. After watching “Phantom of the Opera” on DVD, I started with that. Musicals somehow turned to Jay-Z, finally culminating with Kanye West. I chose to listen to a few tracks from 2008′s disaster “808′s and Heartbreaks.” Despite being a complete failure as far as albums go, it did give us a few really solid tracks.

My favorite amongst the songs was this week’s song of the week, “Paranoid” by Kanye West, featuring Mr. Hudson. The song has a great flow as it starts with the┬árepetitive┬ásynth beat and eventually layers West’s vocals on top. By the time the main beat kicks in (almost one minute in) there is a huge amount of suspense built into the song.

The song reminds me of an old-school ’70s R&B song fused with West’s unique production style. One could also make the argument that it sounds like an ’80s pop song. Either way, the song which is situated in the only listenable part of “808′s and Heartbreaks” really stands out as a hit song that never was.

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