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Best of 2009 Part II: Artists

This year I thought it would be fun to look at the top artists of 2009. A top artist is a band or group that takes a step forward, doesn’t step in their own poo or makes a huge impact on the world of pop music. Here are the top artists of 2009.

  1. Cobra Starship: Made the largest jump of any artist in 2009. With one single (“Good Girls Go Bad”) the band became a household name and with support can continue their rise to the top of the pop circuit.
  2. Blink 182: Two words, comeback tour.
  3. Taylor Swift: Two additional words, country sells. Taylor did it right and did it with dignity. Her multi-platiunum album helped her sell out show after show and she only became stronger after her run in with Kanye at the Video Music Awards.
  4. Owl City: It does not get much better than this. Adam Young went from producing in his parents basement, to selling out his own headline tour.
  5. Beyonce: Also taking home classiest performer of the year, Beyonce showed once again why her and her management team comprise the best in the business.
  6. Lady Gaga: Can you say “what is she wearing?” We all can and that’s what she wanted.
  7. Eminem: Why? Because he didn’t get into trouble after the release of “Relapse.”

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  • Comment by Greg posted December 31, 2009 at 07:16

    where is KoL? they had two huge singles and their album peeked at 4 while owl city only had one single and peeked at 8. biased much?

  • Comment by Jon posted January 06, 2010 at 00:51

    word… u just hate KOL… but u gotta give credit where credit is due, especially when ur bringing stats into the equation. ie. according to the stats greg presented, KOL should be on the list, dont get me wrong owl city should def be on the list too but ranked lower then KOL