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Harris’ Top 20 Albums of the Decade; Honorable Mentions

Soundtrack of the Decade: Across The Universe, (2007): Without getting into to it much, this album deserved some type of merit. Although it was only a soundtrack and covers of classic Beatles songs, this soundtrack was a top seller and was embraced by a huge portion of the pop market.

Comedy Album of the Decade: Retaliation, Dane Cook, (2005): Another genre that is not properly represented in the recording world, Dane Cook turned the entire comedy market on its ear during this decade. Taking comedy from small poorly lit clubs to center stage at Madison Square Garden, Cook showed us that comedy could be put into the big time.

Other Honorable Mentions

FutureSex / LoveSounds, Justin Timberlake, (2006): Although this album was a really unique album, it didn’t quite hit home for me. Timbaland and Just Timberlake combined to create a sound that wasn’t great but wasn’t bad. Laying somewhere in the middle, this album which has some killer singles does not supply the full package.

Coldplay: Although Coldplay was one of the largest bands of the past ten years, it was their singles and live show that gave them the name. The bands albums, similar to other artists from this decade, never gave me the full package.

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