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Harris’ Top 110 Songs of the Decade (10-5)

Here it is. After almost a month of writing and posting about the top 110 songs of the past decade we have finally reached the top 10. Songs 1-10 are the song the defined this decade and made us dance, cry, think and will make us remember years from now. Without further adieu, here are songs 10-6:

10. Over My Head, The Fray (2005): Debut singles by bands that went on to have a huge impact on the decade are always important. Opening up the top ten is the first song we heard from The Fray back in 2005. The song itself has a catchy chorus and shows off the very unique vocal styles of lead singer Isaac Slade.
9. The Middle, Jimmy Eat World (2001): There was a lot of gripe about this pick amongst my industry friends. Was this really the best punk-rock song of the decade? Yes it was. During the spring and summers of 2001-2002 this was the song to play at party’s, dances and on the radio. A top 5 Billboard Hot 100 song for the year, “The Middle” introduced America to a band that is still actively touring today.
8. Yellow, Coldplay (2000): This song highlights Coldplays massive achievements and Chris Martins incredible vocals during the past decade and is a personal favorite of mine. Despite my personal gripes with the band, this song is a must when looking back at this decade.
7. Perfect Situation, Weezer (2005): Probably the biggest underdog to fall within the top ten, this song is a pure anthem that is impossible to not sing along to. Weezer stayed below the radar for most of the decade after the huge success of “Pinkerton” and “Weezer (Blue Album)” in the previous decade. This song highlights all that is good in the music world showcasing one of the best songwriters of our generation. If you are reading this list and thinking that you don’t know this song, find it, download it and you’ll see that it does belong here.
6. Since U Been Gone, Kelly Clarkson (2004): Arguably one of the most important artists of the decade, Clarkson’s 2004 album “Breakaway” featured a slew of top singles. None was more memorable than number six on our countdown. The song helped the album achieve record sales proving that an “American Idol” winner could take the win and then become a top selling artist in the real world.

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