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Harris’ Top 110 Songs of the Decade (14-11)

Songs 14-10

14. Taylor, Jack Johnson (2004): Johnson spent the entire decade redefining what it meant to be a singer/songwriter. From coffee shops to sold out arena shows, Johnson took soft and mellow music and made it as large as it could be. “Taylor” showcases Johnson’s astonishing guitar playing ability and helped launch his acting career alongside Ben Stiller in the music video.
13. Are You Gonna Be My Girl, JET (2003): It’s weird that the most catchy portion of this song is the opening riff. It’s not something you can type or even say. Hum it to yourself for a moment, I’ll wait. That’s why it’s one of the top songs of the decade.

12. Island In The Sun, Weezeer (2001): Generally when there is a song that my grandma, mom, sister, brother and dad all know, it’s a pretty good one. Whether they know it or not, this song by Weezer makes our list of top songs because of it’s incredible impact within the world of pop culture. It appeared in half-a-dozen television shows, movies and commercials.
11. Bring Me To Life, Evanescence (2003): In 2003 this was one of the most talked about songs. From the epic music video to the ridiculous (and near perfect) sounds coming out of Amy Lee’s mouth. One of my favorite female vocalists of all time, Lee helped to shape a unique market for her and her band’s powerful music.

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