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Harris’ Top 110 Songs of the Decade (19-15)

Songs 19-15

19.Never Let You Go, Third Eye Blind (2000): Bands known for putting out great singles have a lot to live up to. Third Eye Blind had some big shoes to fill as the decades changed but they picked up right where they left off and continued their string of smash hits.
18. Upside Down, Jack Johnson (2006): In 2006 Johnson took on the unique task of composing the original score for “Curious George” a film remake of the classic children’s stories. One of the more catchy songs of the decade, Johnson proved once again that he can not be stopped when it comes to making simple music with an acoustic guitar.
17. Single Ladies, Beyonce (2008): If it wasn’t for Alicia Keys, Beyonce would be the female musician of the decade. Fortunately she will have to settle for second. It’s songs like “Single Ladies” that made her known for singing ability along with dancing skills. Similar to Michael Jackson, Beyonce showcased all of her abilities in every aspect of her career.
16. It Ends Tonight, All American Rejects (2006): The All American Rejects do some things really well, and other things not so well. They make great singles and crappy albums. Luckily this single emerged from 2005’s “Move Along” and instantly became one of my favorite songs. There is a great balance of ballad and epic rock anthem that is not present in many arrangements these days.

15. No Such Thing, John Mayer (2002): Is Mayer the greatest artist of the decade? We never would of found out if it wasn’t for this song. “No Such Thing” showed us that we could in fact “run through the halls of our high schools” and helped introduce us to one of more important figures in music today.

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