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Harris’ Top 110 Songs of the Decade (24-20)

Songs 24-20

24. How You Remind Me, Nickelback (2001): Ten years ago you had no idea who Nickelback were. Now they are one of the largest bands on the pop circuit. Further more, they helped to create the genre of country/hardrock/pop that has been copied by the likes of Daughtry and Theory of a Deadman. This was the song that introduced the world to the band and is still one of the best heavy songs of the decade.

23. The Space Between, Dave Matthews Band (2001): Songs that I can place are always the best. Twenty-three on the countdown was first heard in the preview for “Black Hawk Down” and since then it’s been a favorite of mine. One thing that seems to draw me into this song is the overproduced style it is recorded in. This is different than many other songs by the band.

22. Clocks, Coldplay (2002): I love remembering the first song you ever heard from a specific artist. Weather it was the first single or not, you remember hearing that song and making an instant judgement. Loving this song back in 2002 my love affair with the band quickly faded but my love for the song did not.

21. I’m Yours, Jason Mraz (2008): In one of the biggest robbery’s of the 2008 Grammy Awards, Jason Mraz lost “Song of the Year” to Adele and her song “Chasing Pavements.” We’re not so stupid here. Let’s face it, we all know this song and you have caught yourself humming along at some point so it became a must on our top songs of the decade.

20. American Boy, Estelle (2008): The highest ranked straight hip-hop song on countdown belongs to Estelle with a lot of help from Kanye West. In 2008 the two recorded a song that showcased perfect production and a well placed cameo appearance by the controversial artist of the decade, Mr. West.

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