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Harris’ Top 110 Songs of the Decade (39-35)

Songs 39-35

39. Kryptonite, 3 Doors Down (2000): One of the earliest albums of the decade “The Better Life” by 3 Doors Down provided a single that is still playing on most alternative rock stations. There’s something about a Superman reference in song that makes things perfect.
38. Fat Lip, Sum 41 (2001): There was a lot of talk amongst my inner circle as to why this song fell so far on the countdown. A song that could of easily reached higher, this song was the party boy song of 2001 and continues to be an immensely popular party song in high school and college alike.
37. So What, Pink (2008): After the big guns have had their say, Pink might be one of the top artists of the decade. Falling just behind Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson, Pink released an amazing number of hit singles and albums. This song was one the most successful in the bunch.
36. Ocean Avenue, Yellowcard (2003): Once again we see a song make this list that helped introduce us to a brand new band. 2004 provided a wide array of new sounds but the melodies that Yellowcard achieved using a violin are truly unique. Paired with one of the best drummers in modern rock, this song holds strong at #36 on our countdown.

35.A Thousand Miles, Vanessa Carlton (2002): The opening piano riff gets me every time. Humming along to the string section during the chorus this song is one of my personal favorites of all time within the female singer/songwriter genre. I still think this song should of been the theme for Gilmore Girls.

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