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Harris’ Top 110 Songs of the Decade (49-45)

Songs 49-45

49. Snow (hey oh), Red Hot Chili Peppers (2006): Releasing one of the most talked about albums of the decade “Stadium Arcadium” and the Peppers had recorded a double album consisting of 28 tracks. Although the album becomes very repetitive the singles shine through and this is the best of the best. The opening guitar lick sells it for me but the catchy chorus puts the finishing touches on a great song.
48. Lesson Learned, Alicia Keys (2007): Keys became a household name during this decade releasing four albums this decade with the most recent being this month. Performing this song alongside John Mayer, this song gained attention simply because of the pairing but was never actually released as a single.
47. Daughters, John Mayer (2004): Not the last time we’ll see him on this countdown, Mayer has provided a sound to a wide range of generations over the last ten years. Playing sold out concerts to grandmothers, mothers and daughters all over the world, he is one of the premiere songwriters of a new generation.
46. Here It Goes Again, O.K. Go (2006): How often does a music video define a band and a song all at once? For O.K. Go this is the case. The video for this song featured the band performing on treadmills in one continuous take. Viewed over 46 million times the video still ranks as one of the most watched video’s in YouTube’s history.

45. Look What You’ve Done, JET (2004): Making their first appearance on our list, JET rocked us plenty in this decade but this was one of the softer songs from their debut album “Get Born.” Showing a tender side to a straight forward rock band, the melodies in this song help it climb to #45 on the countdown.

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