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Harris’ Top 110 Songs of the Decade (54-50)

Songs 54-50

54. Alive, P.O.D. (2001): Delivering one of the hardest hitting albums of the new millennium, P.O.D. had a string of hits in their big break. The album “Satellite” provided the band with a platform that has kept them afloat as we move to the next decade. Although they never replicated the success we can only hope that they will find their groove in the next ten years.
53. Superman, Five For Fighting (2001): As tragic as events can be, the songs that help to lift us out of those dark times often stick with us for a long time. Without intending to, this song became the remembrance anthem of September 11th. The lyrics seem to fit the events perfectly and this has become a song for America and help to introduce Five For Fighting.
52. Smile, Lily Allen (2006): Once again an artist making their debut in the United States, Lily Allen gave a strong first album in “Alright, Still.” Within that record was this song #52 on our countdown and one of the more memorable songs of the decade.
51. The Way I Are, Timbaland (2007): It’s too bad that you can’t write a melody into words. The opening synthesizer part of this song is the only reason it makes my list. One of the most perfect collections of sound and beat mold together to make one of the most played party songs of the decade.

50. Welcome To The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance (2006): Probably the most underrated band of the decade, this band took an exploding genre and made a huge statement. Embracing an over-produced sound, the bands songs are masterpieces of production, harmony and musicianship.

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4 Legacy Comments

  • Comment by katy posted December 12, 2009 at 22:49

    i'm shocked, confused, and upset that brit brit has not made an appearance on this countdown. her songs, and the subsequent videos/performances, are icons of this decade.

    she best be represented in the next 50 songs.

  • Comment by Harris posted December 13, 2009 at 01:20

    personally I think her best work was done during the '90s but you'll have to see if she made it into the top 50!!

  • Comment by Anonymous posted December 13, 2009 at 23:02

    she's what's wrong with this country.

  • Comment by katy posted December 14, 2009 at 01:47

    ^ oh yeah?

    Tell me Britney dancing with that snake at the 2001 VMAs while performing I'm A Slave 4U wasn't iconic.

    How about the Stronger video? That chair dance? Classic.

    What about Oops, I Did It Again & the Titanic reference? Talk about a perfect blend of pop culture.

    And Baby, One More Time? Solidified the schoolgirl as a sex icon.

    Britney, even at her worst–shaved head, pudge, and all–is an American pop icon. Brit's music defined a generation of teen girls.

    And let's be honest…all pop icons need a hot mess stage to stay on top.