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30 Rock, The Decades Best Television Show

Looking back at the last decade, there have been some huge shows begin and even larger ones come to an end. During the decade was saw the end of “E.R.” “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “Sex In The City.” We also saw the emergence of some new great shows such as “Lost” “24″ and “The Office.”

I spent some time doing research and come up with solid reasoning why “30 Rock” is the best show of the decade. Although it has only been around since 2007, the show which is both critically acclaimed and loved by fans, has created big laughs, replacing “Friends” as the Thursday night anchor. No easy task.
Of course there are statistical ways to reason “30 Rock” as the winner. Winner of an amazing twelve Primetime Emmy’s, the show doubles the amount by “Arrested Development” and quadruples the amount from “The Office,” NBC’s other hit Thursday night show.
Another fact that separates them from the rest of the group is the type of awards they have won. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin have been recongnized multiple times for their acting in the show and Fey has been awarded for writing more than once.
Shows such as “Law and Order: SVU” have won Emmy’s (four total in the decade) but all of theirs were won by Mariska Hargitay. “30 Rocks” ability to spread its Emmy’s among the staff prove it is the true champion.
The final two shows I will compare are “Mad Men” and “Lost.” The top two dramas of the decade put up an impressive fight but when it is all said and done “30 Rock” comes out on top. “Mad Men” has won an impressive nine Primetime Emmy’s falling short of Rocks twelve.
“Lost” is an interesting case. Despite only winning four Emmy’s in the decade, it is among the most popular shows of the decade, drawing viewers in excess of 15 million. The show which follows a circular plot line is generally either loved or hated by viewers (because of a confusing story line) loosing it points.
When the dust settles and we look back at this decade a few years removed, it will be clear that “30 Rock” was the best show of the decade and you could probably make the case for Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey as the actor and actress of the decade (in television of course).

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  • Comment by Anonymous posted December 12, 2009 at 06:21

    SVU's Emmys weren't all won by Mariska Hargitay; she won 1 Emmy, the other 3 were won by guest stars (Amanda Plummer, Leslie Caron, Cynthia Nixon and Ellen Burstyn, respectively). Chris Meloni has also been nominated once.

  • Comment by Greg posted December 12, 2009 at 11:20

    Im in shock that you're actually basing your "best" on quality rather than popularity. I feel your reasoning for it is a tiny bit biased, knowing that you're a diehard 30 rock fan, and that you hate lost. There is only one problem with this logic, if we are to give the "best" of the decade to the show that has one the most awards, then 30 rock doesn't claim the title.

    In my eyes there is one clear winner, The Sopranos. Lets start with the statistic that was written off, ratings. 30 rock over its life in the 00's has posted season ratings averaging 6.6 million viewers; the sopranos in the 00's have an avg rating of 8.85 million viewers, 2.25 million more. I feel that this stat is more important than you might think because of the fact that 30 rock is on nbc which as you know is on basic cable; sopranos, being on hbo a premium network, has the definite disadvantage. Next lets get into your favorite statistic, emmys won, Sopranos has won 16 emmys to 30 rocks 12. Like 30 rock the sopranos has won consistently for writing, banking 5 awards for 6 years nominated. Then there is the fact that the sopranos have existed for the majority of the decade, with run dates from '99-'07, while 30 rock has only been around since '06. That makes the score 3-0 sopranos over 30 rock.

    As a side note, not that this has any effect on the validity of the above argument, I am a bigger fan of 30 rock than the sopranos…but Im an even bigger fan of lost which is my personal favorite of the decade.

  • Comment by Harris posted December 12, 2009 at 11:25

    The main reason I wrote of The Sopranos so quickly was because of its network. HBO is going to naturally be able to produce better shows because of what they are able to show on screen and the amount of money they are able to throw at each of their shows.

    Shows such as Weeds, The Sopranos, The Riches and Dexter have gained recent popularity but the fact still stands that these shows have an immediate unfair advantage in this race.

    Also, I am going with the best show and not the more popular show, something I don't often do. I would give The Sopranos or Lost this title based on ratings alone but to me, the most quality show on television is 30 Rock.

  • Comment by Anonymous posted December 12, 2009 at 11:46

    this blog should be call The Truth about Harris Opinion

  • Comment by Greg posted December 12, 2009 at 12:20

    I agree to one of the posts following mine, but i dont know who wrote it.

    As far as your rational for writing off premium cable networks, your completely flawed. NBC and HBO are both huge networks, the fact that NBC does not charge extra to it viewers gives it self a competitive advantage in the market because it gets MORE VIEWERS, more viewers=more money from advertisers. HBO is at the disadvantage because of this, less people are able to watch its shows. Currently there are 38 million subscribers to HBO, there is an estimated 180 million subscribers to basic cable who have access to NBC.

    Your main argument is quality, how better to judge that than awards won? Sopranos clearly wins that. What other (unbiased) way is there to judge quality? If you just want to say that 30 rock was your favorite show, thats fine; but the second you include the word "best" then you are clearly wrong.

    Side note:
    The Riches is an FX show

    Have you ever even watched the Sopranos?

  • Comment by Harris posted December 14, 2009 at 10:04

    I have watched The Sopranos. Nothing to write home about in my opinion. Also your argument about viewers is simply an argument. Not sure there are any facts to support that. Regardless, your still trying to prove popularity and not quality as a show.

    Just out of curiosity, which awards did the show actually win?

  • Comment by Greg posted December 14, 2009 at 10:40

    No, no i proved both. The Sopranos are more popular (raitings) and a better show based on the same criteria you used to judge 30 rock, awards.

    The type of awards the sopranos has won:
    Lead Actor Drama Series
    Lead Actress Drama Series
    Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
    Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
    Writing for a Drama Series
    Directing for a Drama Series
    Outstanding Drama Series