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Harris’ Top 110 Songs of the Decade (74-70)

Songs 74-70

74. Hey There Delilah, Plain White T’s (2007): As much as it turns my stomach this cheesy yet perfect song is #74 on the countdown. Ironically most of this bands songs are harder punk rock style songs, while their two notable singles (this song and “1,2,3,4”) are both very light hearted acoustic ballads.
73. Take Me Out, Franz Ferdinand (2004): Welcome to America Franz Ferdinand. Stemming from Scotland, this song and it’s blend of straight forward guitar and weird tempo changes makes it one of the best of the decade.
72. My Friends Over You, New Found Glory (2002): Another iconic band from this decade, New Found Glory have had successful tours with bands such as Green Day but made a name for themselves with a few big singles. Mastering something that many other pop-punk bands did not, this group continue to make great music today.
71. Float On, Modest Mouse (2004): Introducing us to the indie rock stylings of Modest Mouse, this song gave the band a huge name for itself. As the decade progressed they never replicated the success of this single although they’ve gotten very close.

70. Over & Over, Nelly and Tim McGraw (2004): The best country-rap mashup of the decade goes to Nelly and Tim McGraw. Taking two genres that typically did not fit together, these two superstars made a truly amazing song that is catchy as anything.

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