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Harris’ Top 110 Songs of the Decade (79-75)

Songs 79-75

79. California, Phantom Planet (2002): Made famous by “The O.C.” Phantom Planet can blame their success on this television show. More than the lyrics, this song is remembered by the opening piano riff and who can blame anyone, it’s catchy as hell.
78. Anthem Part II, Blink 182 (2001): After an amazing debut run towards the second half of the ‘90s Blink 182 gave us one more classic sounding album before switching gears and going into a more dark, alternative sound. “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” represented one of the final times the band would sound fun for years to come. This song represents this incredible style and energy perfectly.
77. Remember The Name, Fort Minor (2005): The best pump up song of the decade, Fort Minor provided us with an interesting blend of hip/hop and rock, similar to Linkin Park.
76. New Shoes, Paolo Nutini (2007): Although he is still attempting to build a name for himself this song is a can’t miss from the decade. Used by Puma in an international campaign in 2007 the song was only able to reach #99 on the Billboard Pop 100. Regardless of rank it’s a true easy listening jam that should of done better.
75. Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy, Fall Out Boy (2003): The word roller coaster comes to mind when talking about Fall Out Boy. I was quoted early in the decade as saying “I hate this band.” Turns out I just hated “Dance, Dance” but actually enjoyed their sound at the time. This song is a true gem and should help the band have some elongated success.

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