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Top Six Songs of the Week: 11/29/09-12/5/09

Wow, we’ve made it to December. The last month in what has been an amazing year for music. With my top 110 songs of the decade countdown underway, there has been a lot of new music crossing from my computer into my iPod then through the wires leading to my headphones, finally reaching my ears.

Here are my top six songs of the week:
  1. Morning After Dark” by Timbaland (feat. Nelly Furtado and SoShy): For some reason it took me two weeks to download this song after hearing it at the American Music Awards. It has instantly become one of my favorite songs of the year. Hopefully the album meets the hype.
  2. Chances” by Five For Fighting: After putting out some of the best singles of the decade in the early ’00s, Five For Fighting really dropped off the map. Finally they have returned with a single that is worthy of our attention. Check out this song as they mix their style with The Fray’s unique style.
  3. Forever” by Drake, Kanye West, Eminem and Lil Wayne: Not sure when I missed songs released but after hearing it performed at the American Music Awards a few weeks ago I have been listening non-stop. Essentially it is just a beat in which four the better rappers of the decade perform their own solo spots. Cool idea for a rap song.
  4. Music Again” by Adam Lambert: Despite a less than stellar debut from Lambert, this song reigns supreme and is a perfectly crafted song for the “American Idol” runner up.
  5. Fugitive” by David Gray: This past weeks song of the week, it is amazing that a 41 year old solo artist can put out a single worthy of top 40 radio play. Great job!
  6. Live Like We’re Dying” by Kris Allen: Another sub-par debut album from season 8 of “American Idol” this first track is something special and should help pull this album out of the dumps.

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