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Harris’ Top 110 Songs of the Decade (94-90)

Songs 94-90
94. Angel, Shaggy (2001): Whether you want to remember him or not, Shaggy was one of the more memorable artists of the decade. This was actually a good song although it was often times overshadowed by “It Wasn’t Me” the artists other commercially successful song. The intense reggae vocal stylings make this song one of the best of the decade.
93. Ordinary, Lucky Boys Confusion (2003): Because this is my list of the Top 110 Songs of the Decade, I get to slip in a few personal favorites. #93 is one my favorite songs of all time and if you have not heard it you’re missing one of the best acoustic party jams of all time.
92. Who Let the Dogs Out, Baha Men (2000): You get one free pass in life and the Baha Men chose to use it on one of the worst best songs of the decade. This contradiction fits the song perfectly. As bad as this song is, it’s that perfect. One thing is for sure, it’s ten years later and people are still saying “who let the ______ out.” Clearly the lyrics have staying power.
91. That Green Gentleman, Panic at the Disco (2008): One of my favorite albums from the decade came as a tribute to The Beatles and this song from Panic at the Disco’s “Pretty Odd” is a perfect arrangement of great sounds. As with any song by this group, Brandon Urie carries the entire performance with a great vocal performance that he replicates really well live.

90. Boom Boom Pow, The Black Eyed Peas (2009): One of the great albums of the past ten years, The Black Eyed Peas introduced us to their brand new sound with three words; “boom boom boom” with a slightly elevated tone on the final boom. With this song the band changed their hip/hop style into a hip/hop meets electronic style and this song became one the catchiest jams the club scene has ever seen.

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