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Harris’ Song of the Week: For Always, Forever by Every Avenue

Steadily growing over the past year, Every Avenue is back with a brand new album for the fall of 2009. The first single and first song on the album “Picture Perfect” is my song of the week. A year filled with a ton of electro pop songs from Lady Gaga, All Time Low and 3Oh!3 finally comes to an end with a really solid alternative pop song.

One of the best hooks of the year, this song features a really amazing chorus and solid versus to back them up. The guitar leads this song forward with a very melodic breakdown towards the end. The rest of the album is really solid but this song stands far above the rest and is in a world of it’s own. Could Every Avenue finally make a splash on the mainstream stage with this solid single?

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  • Comment by Anonymous posted December 04, 2009 at 00:57

    Personally, I don't feel this song is the best on the album. Tell Me I'm A Wreck, I'd say, for example, is better.