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Harris’ Top 110 Songs of the Decade (105-100)

Songs 105-100

105. Come on Get Higher, Matt Nathanson (2008): Coming from a place of sheer terror with Slipknot, Matt Nathanson’s #105 on the countdown is one of the better contemporary rock songs of the generation. Playing to stay at home moms and college aged girls, Nathanson has perfected his image and this song fits it perfectly.
104. American Idiot, Green Day (2004): When you have an album that impacted as many people as this one did it’s title track simply must make the cut. Streaming this album on a week before it came out I remember getting the lyrics wrong because they bleeped out the curse words. Either way I got it right once the album was released and this song and it’s music video will always by close to my heart.

103. Fireflies, Owl City (2009): Who knows. Maybe ten more years from now we’ll look back and say that this song should have been much higher on this list. Only being in the limelight for a few months it’s hard to say. What I do know is that in that short amount of time Owl City has made a name for themselves. Critics and fans alike are going crazy for this song and whether he ripped off the Postal Service or not, Adam Young and the band got this one dead on.
102. Cobrastyle, Teddybears (2004): It is so hard to describe why I like this song. There is something about it’s fun spirited nature and catchy riff that gets this song into your brain. Used in numerous commercials and television spots, Teddybears will be remembered for this one song that is one of my personal favorites of the decade.
101. Paperplanes, M.I.A. (2008): Appearing on the soundtrack for the Academy Awards Picture of the Year in 2008 (“Slumdog Millionaire”) only gets you so far. M.I.A. made a name for herself in 2008 and 2009 performing at the Grammy Awards in an about-to-pop state (she was very pregnant). The song itself samples great real world sound effects and was remixed by almost every rapper in Los Angeles.

100. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, KT Tunstall (2005): Anyone who boils the name Katie (or Katy) down to the letters K and T is ok in my book. 2006 introduced us to KT Tunstall and her unique ability to make an entire band come out of guitar. Memorable for me was her performance of this song on “The Today Show” in which the entire song was produced live using loops and a pedal board.

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  • Comment by katY posted December 02, 2009 at 12:25

    i'm going to take number 100 at a shoutout to me.

  • Comment by Brian posted December 05, 2009 at 13:43

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that Fireflies is like Such Great Heights 2.0