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Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Prudes

It’s been almost a week since the American Music Awards and people are still talking about Adam Lambert and his “controversial” performance. The routine featured both a simulated blow job and a male on male kiss. What I can’t understand is why everyone cares to much? In the past we’ve seen girl on girl kisses, fake blood on stage and artists like Eminem singing about rape and kidnap. Artists like Lambert are criticized for their outrageous behavior but isn’t it our attitude that makes these situations worse.

For me, artists do not have a responsibility to make sure their performances come with a disclaimer. As bad is it was for Lambert in the press, publicity is publicity and with the spotlight shining bright on Lambert his album has quietly been projected to sell upwards of 200,000 copies in it’s opening week. Compared to the man who Lambert lost to in the season finale of “American Idol” Kris Allen’s debut album sold just north of 80,000 copies. Not only will Lambert destroy Allen in album sales, the media attention he received from being outrageous on stage at the American Music Awards will ensure he is a name not forgotten in pop music.

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  • Comment by the needless antagonist posted November 29, 2009 at 17:32

    I agree.

    What I find even more troubling is that sexuality is taboo when violence is okay. They'd rather the guy had slit someone's throat on stage than kiss another dude. Priorities, anyone?