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The Swellers Bring Back Memories of Punk

I have written before that punk (in the mainstream) as we knew it died sometime in the early part of this decade. With new sounds emerging left and right, the fast paced, driving vocals of ’70s and ’80s punk bands were fading faster than we could of imagined.

The Swellers are a friendly reminder that this type of music can be fun and relevant. Unlike The Casualties whom they shared the stage with, The Swellers were a modern style punk band, not trying to copy bands (or be a band) from the ’80s. Instead they had a fresh sound, something different than the run of the mill alternative rock bands that seem to pop up on a daily basis.
There energy matched the modern style that today’s bands bring to the table but the sound was slightly different. Although you could make the case that they are just another band, a closer listening to their sound shows the key differences. The drums pump faster and there is nothing electronic sounding present.
It is amazing how hidden the drums are in many of today’s sounding alternative music. Even bands I love such as We The Kings and Boys Like Girls hide their drums behind both the guitars and artificial “drum like” sounds. Despite loving this sound, The Swellers present something fresh in a world of cookie cutter pop.
If you want to get an idea of what The Swellers sound like check out these two songs:
  • “2009″
  • “The Iron”

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