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The Truth About This Is It

After listening to Paul Gongaware, John Meglen and Randy Phillips speak at the Billboard Touring conference this week about “This Is It” I was determined to check out the movie this weekend. Going into the movie I new what to expect. The three AEG Live executives who were integral in both the planning of the concerts and the decision to create the film painted a picture of emotion and life leaving death to the media.

The film consisted of clips from the rehearsals Michael Jackson was holding inside LA’s Staples Center. What was on screen was incredible. People are able to see inside the mind of a musical genius as he works through arrangements, choreography and more with the talented performers he surrounded himself with.
There are moments that stand out above others. A scene in which Jackson is testing out a “cherry picker” as they call it in the movie is really special. The producers ask him to try it out just standing on it and he protests, asking if they can just run the song with him singing. Deciding to just go for the ride, Jackson lets go of the supports wanting to just reach out to the audience that isn’t quite seated just yet. Everyone asks him to hold on but you can see in that moment his need to entertain.
Ending the way it should end, there is no discussion of the events of June 25th, 2009 because it is not needed. The clips paint a picture of the best entertainer of the last few decades and you can see how badly he wanted to make these shows not only happen, but be bigger and better than any other show. As I wrote while inside the theater via Twitter, the biggest shame in my eyes is that no one ever will get to see the completed project.
If you haven’t seen “This Is It” yet please leave immediately for the theaters, this one is too good to wait for the DVD.

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