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Album of the Moment: A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation

After glazing over this album when it was first released in 2008 I came back for seconds and was totally blown away with what I had missed. The Wombats first release in the United States “A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation” is a true gem of british music. A flurry of fast paced tracks stack up quicker than Manchester United victories and do a great job of winning the listener over.

Among my favorite songs are:
  • “Kill The Director”
  • “School Uniforms”
  • “Backfire at the Disco”
Anyone who listens to other European artists such as The Fratellis, Scouting For Girls or Arctic Monkey’s are sure to enjoy this album from first beat to last.

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  • Comment by Brian posted November 03, 2009 at 19:01

    Never heard of them, I might look into this later. At the moment I'm listening to the soundtrack for The Sinking of Santa Isabel by Sam Means.

  • Comment by Greg posted November 04, 2009 at 08:47

    theyre like a fusion of the three bands, although i wish they werent; there is no need to combine the greatness of the fratellis and Arctic Monkeys with the disco pop of Scouting for Girls.

    As it is for most bands, it's the singer that kills the Wombats for me, allot of their songs have some really good guitar and bass which makes me question my harshness for the band, but then the vocals kick in and my original feelings are reassured.