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Are We Not Sensitive To Lyrics Anymore?

I remember a time when I was in middle school that artists such as Eminem, Nelly, and even Green Day were ridiculed for the content of their lyrics. Some were worse than others (especially in Eminems case) but topics of drugs, murder and cursing were generally looked down upon.

Tuning in to Sirius radio this morning I heard they would be playing a new song by John Mayer, someone that my mom, sister and grandma all listen to. The song was called “Who Says” and the opening lyrics are “Who says I can’t get stoned, turn off the lights and the telephone.”
I’m not pretending like these are offensive lyrics but I think it is interesting that Mayer wrote a song with such a bold statement in the leadoff spot. I know what your thinking, our parents grew up in a time when drugs were rampant and not thought to be harmful, so this song might speak to them. Thing is, Mayer is seen as a wholesome artist and this type of song could come as a shock to many of his listeners.
My thought is that no one is actually listening to the lyrics anymore. When “Who Says” comes onto your local top 40 radio station, as a parent will you change the channel or just let it go, hearing Mayer’s voice and thinking it’s a safe place?

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