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Windows 7, the Best Thing for Apple Since…

Today is one of the biggest days for Microsoft in the last 10 years. After the extreme failure of their last operating system, Windows Vista, the Fortune 500 Company has released its next generation operating system. Windows 7 will be released and alongside a crafty marketing campaign, the new operating system will hope to derail Apple and all that they stand for. Microsoft’s problem in all of this is that the Cupertino based Apple is one step ahead of the game.

Every time they make a move, Microsoft takes an action hoping to mimic the effect. My favorite example comes from the string of advertisements that the two companies have released. Although both are extremely creative, it is always Microsoft trying to catch Apple. Apple released “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” and Microsoft countered with “I’m a PC and I’ve been made into a stereotype.”

Each time one company moves, the other reacts. Generally speaking, Apple moves first, and Microsoft is left chasing the car down the road. This week, both companies made big moves in the technology and business worlds. Apple’s was an unplanned release of new computers just one day after reporting record sales beating almost all analysts’ estimates. This move by Apple came as a surprise to some but today marks the reason for it all. The release of Windows 7 occurs just two days after a huge product rollout by Apple. The ongoing feud between the two companies made it all but necessary for Cupertino to release new products ahead of Microsoft.

Recently, my favorite example of Microsoft being followers came with the release price of Windows 7. After Apple released Snow Leopard (their latest operating system), Microsoft decided to drop the price for students, directly competing with Apples $29 price tag. This move came as a surprise for many technology gurus because Microsoft has always required a premium price for much of their software. With all of this in mind, Apple is poised to gain from all the news this week. Besides closing their stock price at $204.92 on Wednesday (second highest growth for the company), they are preparing to roll out a brand new marketing campaign, which targets people in the market for a new computer.

As Apple swung research has often shown, Microsoft’s operating systems run better on a Mac and they plan to capitalize on that disputed fact. Regardless of what happens it seems that Microsoft needs to stop playing catch up. Apple’s dominance in the high-end computer market will continue as long as things don’t change for the Windows operating system. Although there is a chance that Windows 7 will blow everyone away, stimulating PC sales, this is less likely with Apple’s continued success in the advertising world.

An update to this article, the first ever Microsoft Store is now open. This video on YouTube shows what the opening was like. Interestingly enough, this is the manner Apple opens their stores everyday and especially on product launch days. Just one more concept that Microsoft is struggling to catch up with.

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