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Harris’ Song of the Week: 1901 by Phoenix

Against my better judgment I went with a song that would be classified by many as indie rock by many for the song of the week. My real choice would have been a song already written about in the column. It’s against my philosophy to have a song of the week repeat so we’re left with Phoenix (Owl City’s “Fireflies” was the song in question).

Going with the song I listened to the most this week, Phoenix’s first album to gain any traction in the United States “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” produced a true gem in “1901.” The song has a hook that is simply perfect and a chorus that never really kicks in. When your listening it almost sounds like verse-bridge-verse-bridge as opposed to an actual chorus.
When the true chorus finally kicks in it simply the repeated word “falling” repeated over and over. The electro sound reminds you of MGMT but there is something else present that makes this a new sound. Listen for yourself and let me know what it is that makes them unique.

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