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"Glee" The Good Guys, The Bad Guys

This week while watching Fox’s new hit dramedy, I discovered something interesting. Although the plot is pretty well put together, the music is fantastic and the acting is solid, the writing has taken a very interesting turn. The idea of protagonists against antagonists crept into my head and I started listing them side by side. Here’s what I came up with for “Glee.”

With this in mind, it seemed to me that all the characters you root for on a weekly basis are men, and all the characters you cheer against are women. Of course there are some discrepancies, I’m sure not everyone is going against Rachel Berry, the stories centerpiece diva. The point of this is that in general, the men are the good guys, where the women are the bad girls. Only one (of the main characters) woman in the entire story has a favorable plot line and that is guidance councilor Emma Pillsbury, we all know we want her to end up with Schuester.

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