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The Songs in my Head: Hide and Seek

Do you ever find something out and then realize you were the last person to find out? That happened to me this week. Usually I wouldn’t care but being a pop music guy, I was a little embarrassed to of not know this one.

After jamming out to Jason DeRulo’s first single “Whatcha Say” in my car a number of times last week it was brought to my attention that the signature chorus was not written for this song. British singer Imogen Heap released the song “Hide and Seek” in 2005 and DeRulo sampled it in his hit single.
It is a shame that the truly fantastic song by Imogen Heap, made up entirely of vocals will go unoticed and “Whatcha Say” (a great song on it’s own) gets almost all of the attention. Apparently, the reason I was unaware of the Heap song is because I don’t watch “The O.C.” which used the song during the final minutes of it’s second season finale in 2005.
Well, here’s to you Imogen Heap for writing and recording a song that an entire generation will associate with a totally different artist. Let me be the one to thank you and all the other sampled artists around the world.
Just for fun here are some songs that will never be remember because they were sampled by bigger better songs:
  • Dido, “Thank You,” later sampled in Eminem’s “Stan” which achieved huge success
  • Supertramp “Breakfast in America,” later sampled in Gym Class Heroes “Cupids Chokehold”
  • Patrice Rushen, “Forget Me Nots,” later sampled in Will Smith’s “Men In Black

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