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Harris’ Album of the Month: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

American Idol. Those two words have forever changed the music industry, the way artists are discovered and the level of stardom you can attain overnight. The first person to ever have this experience was (at the time) 20 year old Kelly Clarkson. She not only won the first ever season of American Idol but then went on to lead an extremely successful career in music which continues today. As Clarkson prepares to go back on the road this month alongside The Veronica’s I thought it perfect to honor her best album to date.

When “Breakaway,” first came out I gave it a look and then moved on to other more exciting music, or so I thought. Years later as I went back to revisit the album I realized that it might be one of the best complete works we’ve seen by any artist in a long time. From the opening title track until the final notes of “Hear Me,” Kelly performs amazing vocals in so many different styles. The album that is only twelve tracks long produced five hit singles including “Since U Been Gone,” and “Because of You,” and eventually went 6x Platinum in the United States while selling over 13 Million copies worldwide.

What makes this album great is not only a perfect blend of singles and ‘b-sides,’ but the way each song stands on it’s own. Many of the singles could of been spread around to her next five albums but instead she took the bull by the horns and made this album the one to remember. Many years from now when American Idol is a corrupt system we will look back at the good times, the times when a girl from Texas could win and then two years later record one of the best pop records of the decade.

“Breakaway,” by Kelly Clarkson (2004)

  1. Breakaway
  2. Since U Been Gone
  3. Behind These Hazel Eyes
  4. Because Of You
  5. Gone
  6. Addicted
  7. Where Is Your Heart
  8. Walk Away
  9. You Found Me
  10. I Hate Myself for Losing You
  11. Hear Me
  12. Beautiful Disaster (live)

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