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The Songs in my Head: Weezer

To be honest, since the release of “Pinkerton” when I was eight years old, no other Weezer album has cut the cheese for me. I know, I’m too young to appreciate Weezer but truth is, I’ve done my homework. My favorites are “Pinkerton” and “The Blue Album” a pure masterful album. There were some great singles from “The Green Album” and one amazing single from “Make Believe” (“Perfect Situation” is one of my favorite songs to date).

“The Red Album” was a complete disaster for me but finally the page has been turned and we can look forward to a brand new Weezer album “Raditude” due out this fall. After hearing the single “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” during their tour with Blink 182 this summer I knew it would be a good album. This song in short is the best thing to come out of Weezer’s quirky minds since the 90′s and I’m glad this song rocks.

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