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PC’s, An Inability to Get Small Where It Counts

Sitting in the newspaper office this week, our Sports Editor Zach brought in his brand new laptop. To my dismay it was a PC. The preface of the conversation that followed occurred simply because of this statement, “check out my new laptop.”

Here’s my problem with the entire PC laptop market. Why are they all so damn thick? I understand that it is more cost effective to go thick, making all of the internal components larger and cheaper. My issue with this idea is that Apple can’t possibly be almost four years ahead.

When we compared my three-and-a-half year old Macbook Pro to his brand spanking new Lenovo laptop, my Apple was still about a quarter inch thinner. Although this doesn’t seem like a lot, it is a significant size difference. So over the past three years, why haven’t the entire PC market found a way to make their computers sleek and thin like every single Apple laptop?

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