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Random Thoughts About ‘Jennifer’s Body’

I’m very confused. A few months ago when I first saw the movie poster for Megan Fox’s new movie, it looked like an attempt to capture whatever it was she brought to the table in “Transformers.” It wasn’t going to be good, it was going to show off her body, and make millions of dollars because guys like me went to see it. After seeing the trailer I was even more convinced of this line of thought and fully prepared to go see it anyway.

Turns out I was very wrong. The reviews are in and for some reason Rolling Stone and CNN are both giving this movie a positive spin. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t of imagined this but in a sense I guess I could of been judging a book by it’s cover. Is Fox truly a good actress? Is Diablo Cody, writer of “Juno” more than just a one hit wonder? All these answers and more can be revealed as of now, “Jennifer’s Body” hit theaters this past Friday.

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