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Harris’ Song of the Week: She Wolf by Shakira

This weeks song of the week is not like many others. Generally my songs of the week fall into one of two categories. Either they are a classic song that I simply love or the song is brand new and has yet to break it huge on the radio. This weeks song of the week by Shakira is already a pretty large hit and I take this time to retract my previous thoughts on her first single.

I have never had a strong opinion either way about Shakira. She is extremely talented but her music never stood out to me. “She Wolf,” her latest song does one thing great and another terribly. This song from a musical standpoint is pure genius. Even the most conservative music snob will start to hum the chorus if they give it a listen, it is simply infatuating.
On the other hand, the lyrics of this song are brutal. “There’s a she wolf in your closet, open up and set her free,” sings the chorus. Although I can’t stand the lyrics, the song as a whole is brilliant, and it can get stuck in my head after just one listening.
If you haven’t heard “She Wolf,” by Shakira check out the YouTube video.

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  • Comment by katy posted September 18, 2009 at 12:49

    this is the worst song. ever.

    just sayin'.