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Thanks to CNN’s awesome ‘Pop Cheat Sheet‘ I remembered that Jay Leno’s brand new prime time show will premiere tonight. Not only is this a huge deal for the networks, supplying the first real talk show before the 11 PM time slot. What makes tonights show interesting is the musical guest.

Just one night after his MTV Video Music Award outburst, interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, Kanye West will appear and we can only hope there is an elaborate apology planned. Regardless of what happend last night, he is still scheduled to perform, flying to Los Angeles and helping Leno open his brand new show. Whatever the future holds for “The Jay Leno Show,” we all expect his ratings to be extra high tonight courtesy of Mr. West.

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  • Comment by Kris Hayes posted September 14, 2009 at 22:49

    Hey Harris… I would've never paid attention to Jay Leno's show if it weren't for the mention in your blog. But it makes me get all conspiracy theory…. wouldn't be that far fetched for Leno to have had something to do with what happened last night. It's all about the ratings. Something to ponder..