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Harris’ Song of the Week: Goodbye to You by The Veronicas

Paying tribute to debut album with so many great singled, The Veronicas released “Hook Me Up,” during the fall of 2007 (May of 2008 in the US). Two years since it’s release, the band has rode a wave of singles including “Take Me on the Floor,” and “Untouched,” to a high point in their careers.

Taking a step back from the hit singles this week, I wanted to draw your attention to the end of this album which is simply perfect. More specifically the final song on the album which is a fantastic cover of an old Scandal song, “Goodbye to You.” After hearing both versions I can’t help but enjoy The Veronicas more punched up version of the classic 80′s song.
“Hook Me Up,” dazzled in it’s debut but to truly appreciate it as a full album it’s important to dig deep. The final four tracks are my favorite part of the album by a landslide.
Check out this unofficial music video for The Veronicas “Goodbye to You,” on Youtube

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