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The Songs in my Head: Fireflies

Today while driving around on what was a beautiful fall feeling day a song came across my Sirius radio that I had heard before but never actually remembered what it was. Turns out, the songs name is “Fireflies,” by Owl City. The song is such a great example of pure electro pop. There is no wannabe alternative in this song nor screamo mixed genre samples. “Fireflies,” is just a purely fun summer song that makes me want to either dance or jump in a pool, whichever is more convenient. Either way, check out this song and let me know what you think.

P.S. As I went to post this I checked out the music video which is awesomely retro, check it out on YouTube
P.P.S. Can I go ahead and call this right now, Owl City is the next big thing in the ring of NeverShoutNever! and other bands of that sub-genre.

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