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Summer Music Review 2009

Now that Labor Day is here, the summer is now unofficially over so let’s look back at what made this summer such a great and emotional musical season.

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)
Jackson’s untimely passing was the story of the summer. The apparent homicide has now led to mass speculation about his later years but one thing is certain, he was and will forever be the king of pop. He revolutionized dancing on stage and the way a pop star could dominate the world. Jackson was getting ready to perform a huge string of shows in London, his first live performances in a few years.
DJ Am (1973-2009)
This summer also claimed one of the most well known DJ’s in Hollywood. DJ Am was found dead in a New York City apartment on one of the last days of August. His death, just months after surviving the plane crash alongside Travis Barker, came as he was about to enter rehab for a drug problem.
The Summer Comeback Tours of 2009
This summer also set the stage for two of the biggest bands in pop music to come back to the stage with a bang. Blink 182 announced at the 2008 Grammy Awards that they would be coming back, just months after a plane crash nearly claimed Travis’ life. Gwen Stefani also reformed the supergroup No Doubt for a huge comeback tour spanning the entire summer including their premiere performance at Bamboozle East 2009.
Three Albums That Rocked Hard
Hundreds of albums came out this summer but really you only needed to know about three. Green Day’s release of “21st Century Breakdown,” their first album since 2004′s “American Idiot,” marks another chapter in their historic career. They followed the album with a huge tour. The other two albums were not supported by tours but still stand on their own as huge hits this summer. Eminem’s release of “Relapse,” was a true work of genius with Doctor Dre producing much of the album. It hit really hard and commented on some really deep issues for Eminem. Finally, the biggest album of the summer came from The Black Eyed Peas. Their first album since 2005 was back with conviction. It was a super fun dance album in which the band experimented with techno, house and drum and bass for the first time. Supported by huge singles such as “Boom Boom Pow,” and “I Gotta Feeling,” “The E.N.D.” was the biggest album of the summer.
Of course there was more great stuff this summer including Paul McCartney touring the United States and throwing the first concert at the New York Mets brand new Citi Field. If I left out any other news please share it below but these were the headlines that really made this summer a great summer for music.

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  • Comment by andrew posted September 07, 2009 at 00:44

    just some other great albums came out this summer

    new albums by kiss kiss, the most serene republic, riceboy sleeps, and imogen heap are all very solid