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Harris’ Song of the Week: New Perspective by Panic! at the Disco

The first thing I would like to note is the title of this post. Each week I have a song of the week but this week’s song features something that most don’t, an exclamation point! For those of you do no know Panic dropped the “!” from their last album “Pretty Odd,” but it has re-appeared and looks to be here to stay.

This weeks song is the last song featuring all of the original members of Panic as Ryan Ross and Jon Walker left the band earlier this summer. With that in mind we have to wonder will things change moving forward? The bands main stay Brendon Urie is still there and that is what really matters. “New Perspective,” is a truly fantastic song that I didn’t like the first time I heard it. It truly grows on you quick. The song belonged on “Pretty Odd,” but there is a sense of that old school Panic sound.
From the opening synthesizer run to Urie blaring in with the verse this song has everything I would want in a great Panic song. This band has a really unique style that helps separate them from others in the genre. As remaining members Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith prepare to finish recording the bands 2010 release thoughts race as what we will get from the pair.
(As a side note, the song is set to appear in Megan Fox’s new movie “Jennifer’s Body,” who knows if this is a good thing or a bad thing)
Check out “New Perspective,” on YouTube

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