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The Worst Thing I’ve Heard Today

Anytime I receive a press release I use a few things to identify it. First, has it come from someone I trust within the industry? Second, is there a band that I’ve heard of before anywhere in the subject? If I’ve answered no to these then I look for something, anything to make me care about what I am reading. This morning I got an email with the subject “Fonzerelli – Dreamin [Official Music Video], how could I not check that out.

Clicking on the YouTube link I began to listen a music video that was simply terrible. It wasn’t that the music was bad but that the voice didn’t match the guy in the music video and that is apparent guitar playing was overwhelmingly fake. I understand what they tried to do; take a Zak Efron look a like and surround him with georgeous women in an attempt to blow up on YouTube. The problem is that the music just wasn’t good.

Check out the video for yourself here and let me know if this is the worst thing you’ve heard today.

Fonzerelli performs “Dreamin”

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  • Comment by David posted August 20, 2009 at 12:50

    i dont know how, but you got the wrong end of the stick on this one. firstly i think this song is awesome, been listening to it for about 4 weeks now. and secondly fonzerelli is not that person in the video, fonzerelli is the dj behind the song. Given, the video is terrible and a complete joke, but the song is good (some say dance anthem of the summer).