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The Truth About Music Release Radar: August 11th, 2009

It’s been a few weeks since I felt there was enough new music to bring you a release radar. Although there were a few albums that came out last week it wasn’t worth wasting an entire post. With that in mind I will include some stuff from last week as we move out of July and into August. 

The most anticipated album of the late summer for me is Cobra Starship’s “Hot Mess.” Under normal circumstances I would assume this album would flop as most of the previous Cobra albums have. What makes this album different? “Good Girls Go Bad.” This single has single handedly made Cobra Starship a household name and for the first time in their careers given them a true #1 single. Given the success of the single there is a strong chance that “Hot Mess,” will be a strong release by Gabe Saporta’s group. 
Last week we saw releases by Modest Mouse and Gloriana. “No One First And You’re Next,” is the latest EP by Modest Mouse as they continue to repeat the success they saw in 2003 when the single “Float On helped “Good News For People Who Like Bad News,” become the groups first successful mainstream record. Gloriana is in a rare position that very few artists have been in as a country artist; opening for Taylor Swift (the biggest thing to happen in country music since the banjo). Although I have never heard the music, Gloriana’s presence on this tour has caused her new self titled record to possess huge amounts of buzz. 
This week we also see new releases by The Roots (the first release since becoming Jimmy Falons house band on Late Night) titled “How I Got Over.” Hopefully this album will be better than Jimmy’s first month on on TV (to his credit, it has become less awkward in the more recent weeks). Finally, pop quartet Nightmare of You is releasing their second album and from what I’ve heard so far, it isn’t half bad. It will be interesting to see how this band handles a new lineup and newly found popularity outside the indie world. 
Just in case none of that looks appealing here are a few more albums out today:
Queen Latifah releases “Persona”
Patrick Wolf releases “The Bachelor”
Cavo release “Bright Nights, Dark Days”
Mindy Smith releases “Stupid Love”

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