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The Truth About "The Hangover"

The answer is yes, I am the last person in New York to see the movie heralded as the “Funniest of the Summer,” “The Hangover.” On a spur of the moment run to the movie theater just after ten at night on Wednesday I finally got the chance to see the movie that has been recommended by everyone. My expectations were set extremely high and considering the cast it seemed there was a chance I would not be disappointed. Unfortunately I was.

Despite being an extremely funny movie with quite a lot of great one liners it does not stack up against the best comedy of the summer. As shown in the commercials, “The Hangover,” centers a lot of jokes around a baby that they find in the hotel room and a tiger that is occupying the bathroom. Besides being ruined in the trailers these jokes were found too many times in the movie. There are only so many times I will laugh at the fact that there was a tiger in the bathroom.
If we are going to spend anytime at all discussing plot, this first sentence sums how much the directors and writers cared. Don’t get me wrong, the movie contains all of the parts of a good story but it is jumbled up into a less than logical sense. I really do hate when movies are ruined for people so I’ll throw a SPOILER ALERT reference but in this case it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that they find the groom, make it back just in time for the wedding and they all live happily ever after. If you didn’t get that from the preview you need to listen more closely.
Please don’t get the wrong impression. This movie was not as bad as I’m making it sound but after seeing it the night after “Funny People,” it simply doesn’t stack up (especially after the tremendous build up this movie has had for me). Go so “The Hangover,” and go see “Funny People,” this weekend and be sure to stop back here and let me know which movie you liked better.

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