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Harris’ Song of the Week: Jigga What/Faint by Linkin Park and Jay-Z

For a few years now I have thought one of the best collaborative projects ever recorded was “Collision Course,” which was a mix created by Linkin Park fusing Jay-Z and the rock group. This collection of six songs is pure brilliance as they fused the songs into a perfect blend of rock and rap. My favorite parts are when the boys from ‘Park sing Jay’s lyrics.

The reason I chose to honor the album and specifically this song is because for me, Jay-Z is at his best when he’s rapping at a really fast tempo and this song demonstrates that perfectly. The verse which features this up temp rap is layered with the main track from “Faint,” and it seems to fit perfectly (partly because Jay-Z actually re-recorded that part for this song).

Regardless, this short project showed how great production can come together with the best musicians to create a truly perfect blend of music. Check out this weeks song of the week on YouTube by Clicking Here.

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  • Comment by Anonymous posted July 23, 2009 at 21:05

    too bad they both suck.