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Harris’ Music Video of the Week: Now We Can See

There is something to be said about taking what everybody else is doing and creating the oppsoite affect. In searching MTV’s list of brand new music video’s I saw video’s for two songs that I am completely in love with. Green Day’s “21 Guns,” video was released alongside Cobra Starships “Good Girls Go Bad.” Despite Green Day trying to go lo-tech filming the video in what appears to be a single room the video has no substance. All that happens is an apparent drive by shooting with the band playing through it.

Cobra’s video on the other hand the height of what music video’s have become in 2009. It features an underground club (located under a deli?) in which there is gambling, apparent drug use, drinking, sex and text messaging courtesy of some blatant Nokia product placement. Despite being flashy the video once again does nothing for me. So if two songs that I love can’t create a video of the week then I am forced to turn outside my comfort zone to find one.

My music video of the week comes from a trio from Oregon who call themselves The Thermals. Despite never having much radio success the band may have finally broken onto the scene with “Now We Can See.” The song was used in the season finale of the hit NBC show Chuck and has now started crawling into our radio’s. As far as the music video goes the band duplicated what Green Day tried to do only they did it with some class. Filming in what appears to be a single room, the band simply performed the song.

Let me know if you agree as I name The Thermals “Now We Can See,” my Music video of the Week

Check out Green Day’s “21 Guns,” on YouTube

Check out Cobra Starships “Good Girls Go Bad,” on YouTube

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